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We're so happy to offer you a 2 week trial of the most gentle, kind and generous community of humans, ever. 

Once you've completed your details, you'll receive an email with your access.

We'll let you know when your trial is almost up and you can decide whether to continue on with us, or be on your merry way.

It's entirely up to you.

Learn more about inTune Access Support: Family Collective here
 A principled, gentle space for connection
and ongoing support; for neurodivergent
individuals and their families. 


Kristy created iTas as an offering for families seeking a new narrative.

A family story that is empowering, joyous and vibrant. 

It's a space where we all come together as a community of neurodivergent people and/or the families who love, support and are raising neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, PDA, and more) children. 

It's a principled, respectful and gentle community where we have the opportunity to learn about neurodivergent identity and culture from an autistic led perspective, based on real lived experience, away from a medical disorder perspective which is predominantly deficit-based. 

iTas is not "just another group" for parents of autistic children.