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inTune Families™, is the first of its kind, guiding families through 6 modules, delivered online, exploring autistic family life from an autistic perspective.

inTune Families is 100% aligned with the neurodiversity paradigm and guides families in their journey of rebuilding, restructuring and reconnecting, in order to create a perfectly unconventional, joyous life for the extraordinary family.

Kristy Forbes is an Australian based autism & neurodiversity support specialist

with experience working with clients from all over the world.

This includes neurodivergent people and their families, and professionals who wish to support them, such as Educators, Psychologists, Paediatricians, allied health professionals, support workers and integration aides.

Her work is informed by her extensive professional experience as an educator (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary teaching), as an integration aide to children with social, emotional and behavioural challenges, and as a childhood behavioural and family specialist.

Her most valuable insights, however, come from lived experience.

Kristy is autistic herself and diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA).

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"I truly hope that we are now moving towards a different time when parents can feel empowered and have access to CRUCIAL information like you are presenting to us now Kristy. It is truly life changing and it MUST find its way to be heard!"

"Helpful? That doesn't even BEGIN to articulate how I have found these modules. Bloody fantastic information and so well presented."

"It is so great to hear this from an autistic perspective, rather than so called 'experts' with their various theories about why autistic people experience the world in the ways they do. I have been living this journey with my son for 16 years but listening to these modules has taken me right back to the beginning and I feel that I am finally REALLY learning about autism."

What we'll explore:

Module 1

-In the Beginning

-Research and Support Bodies

-Enter the Neurodiversity Movement


Module 2

-Social Communication & Interaction

-Interests, Activities & Regulation

-Masking & Pathologising

-To Label or Not to Label

-Navigating Therapies & Services

Module 3

-Mind, Body, Spirit

-The Sensory World

-Mental/Emotional Wellbeing & Autism

-The Autistic Body

Module 4

-Autism Acceptance

-Finding What Works

-Leading the Way

Module 5

-We, Parents

-Delving into Our Own Needs

-Planning for The Future


Module 6

-Mind Your Manners

-Rewriting Our Story


-Realistic Restructure

-Cleaning Up

*Delivered online

*Available to anyone, anywhere in the world

*Work at your own pace or join other families

*Lifetime access


"Wow. I’ve been in tears in places of these sessions seeing my boys experiences through your words. You helped me be a better mom to them today and for that I will be forever grateful."

"Kristy's support and programme has had a hugely positive impact on our family and how we understand and relate to each other. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help to develop a calmer family culture and help cultivate positive autistic identity."

"I’m really appreciating all this information. LOVE hearing all these new perspectives that are stretching my mind. This is such a valuable course. I’m grateful and excited to continue!"

Support includes:

Live sessions every fortnight. We'll discuss the current module's content, and Kieran Rose & Kristy, autistic adults raising autistic children, will answer questions.


Thursday, 20th May 7:30pm - 9pm

Tuesday, 1st June 7:30am - 9am

Wednesday, 16th June 7:30am - 9am

Thursday, 1st July 7:30pm - 9pm

Monday, 12th July 7:30pm - 9pm

Wednesday, 28th July 7:30am - 9am


*All times listed are in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)* All sessions are recorded for viewing later if you cannot attend live*

"I'm a parent and currently working through your modules and have found this one of the most insightful, positive learning experiences for our family."

- Parent participant

Bonus Content & Interviews Featuring Autistic Experts

Exploring a range of topics

What inTune Families IS:

*A pathway to understanding autism as an identity and culture; outside of a medical diagnosis *A means to connect with your child, your family and yourself *A body of self reflection that enables us to take responsibility where we can in order to grow as parents and people *An autistic perspective into autistic expression and behavioural translation *A journey into exploring positive autistic identity *An opportunity to challenge our social and cultural conditioning and move away from that which no longer serves us *A new paradigm of thinking, doing and being, in order to support our children, our families and ourselves to be actualised to our fullest potential *A program of reconnecting with our intuition in order to identify our childrens' challenges and best support them where we can *An opportunity to forgive, heal and love ourselves, as we are *A journey home, to accepting and embracing autism unconditionally

What inTune Families is NOT:

*A behavioural management program *A program of strategies to fix, shape, cure and/or change our children's challenges *A crash course on the pathology of autism

Get started on your personal blueprint for a brighter, joyous, unconventionally extraordinary future for you & your family.

inTune Families Package Includes:

What you'll get:

  • Guided learning over 12 weeks on autism from an autistic perspective.
  • 3 x learning modules with a wide range of videos.
  • 3 x reflective modules with a wide range of videos and simple reflective writing exercises.
  • Fortnightly Zoom group sessions with Kristy Forbes and regular special guests (replay links for those unable to attend live sessions).
  • A copy of your own program booklet containing reflective exercises.
  • A network of like-minded families seeking connection with their children and family.
  • Interviews with autistic experts.
  • Resources to help advocate for your child.
  • Lifetime access to the program.

inTune Families program e-booklet

To complement the inTune Families 12 week online program, each participant has their own downloadable e-book of reflective exercises & planning templates.

"Just watched a few seconds and already feel right at home. You have such a warm delivery, I feel as though you’re right here. Excellent work!"

"Amazing academically and intuitively!!!
It's wonderful to see an autistic person's understanding of autism. It's like she's inside the crystal chandelier with its reflections and refractions and outside of it simultaneously."

"AMAZING!!! Thank you so much.. This has helped to explain my 3 autistic kids more than you could know.. Truly grateful"

Pricing Options

inTune Families offers a range of pricing options to suit every family. We are also NDIS approved. inTune Families is also offered in exchange for a donation that is manageable for families. See below for more details.

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3 x Monthly Payments



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6 x Monthly Payments



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Simply fill out our form below and you'll be invoiced. For those without access to funding, we also offer options for those experiencing hardship.

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Payment Proposal

We have a limited number of donation based placements.

Send an email through and propose a payment that is manageable for you.

You'll be invoiced and on payment, you'll be set up to go.

**Donation based contributions less than $AU300 do not include fortnightly Zoom group sessions

Propose a Payment

We would be honoured to have you move through the inTune Families program with us.

Gift yourself, and your family this unique opportunity to gain insights about autism and how to help support autistic people to thrive along with their families, all from the lived experience of actual autistic people.

"Kristy is my favourite voice when it comes to explaining neurodiversity. She NAILS it! Every time. And the ripple effect of the deeper understanding her words create are changing lives! What a legend."

Allison Davies
Brain Care Specialist

"Incredibly astute, compassionate and knowledgeable. A true beacon for fellow autistics and/or parents! "

Lia Grimanis
Up With Women

"Her compassion, understanding and encouragements helps me more than anyone else I have ever met, even in real life. The realness and presence is so strong that even though this is only an online-experience, she is the most valuable guidance on this experience I am having as a newly diagnosed asperger-mother to asperger girls. Thank you is not enough."

Autistic Mother of Autistic Children

"I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insights about Autism. You have completely changed my way of thinking about everything. I approach my children differently. I can already see a huge difference. Your words and your story has helped me more than you’ll ever know. I want to thank you so much for being my guiding light. I truly appreciate all that you are and all that you’re doing by educating and advocating! It’s amazing how one’s thinking and change of mindset can make such a huge difference. "

Parent of an Autistic Child


We understand that many in the autistic and autism communities are experiencing financial difficulties.

We believe in our program 100% and feel that finding a way to make it accessible to as many families as possible is a priority.

If you would like to offer a payment you can manage, simply send through an email to [email protected] and an invoice will be sent back for the amount you propose.

There is no need to share private details or to qualify your need.

We trust in your honesty and when choosing to extend compassion, do so unconditionally.

**Please note that Zoom group sessions are not included with a donation-based contribution of $AUD300 or less.


With kindness, 

Team inTune Pathways


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