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Supporting Anxiety & Stress Bundle


Help Your Child Navigate the Challenges of Anxiety and Demand Avoidance with Confidence

Unlock essential tools and guidance with our "Supporting Anxiety and Stress" bundle, specifically curated to support families dealing with anxiety and demand avoidance. This package combines our most effective resources to equip you with practical tools and knowledge, helping your child thrive in everyday situations.

What This Bundle Includes:

A Closer Look at Autism, Anxiety, and Demand Avoidance (3-Part Webinar):

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how autism, anxiety, and demand avoidance interconnect, equipped with actionable insights to enhance your child’s quality of life.

Autism & Anxiety: Helping Our Children to Thrive:

Explore effective techniques to help your child manage anxiety, enhancing their ability to face daily challenges.

Managing Stress & Meltdowns:

Learn tools to handle stressful situations and meltdowns more effectively, ensuring a calmer, more supportive home environment for everyone.

Understanding and Responding to Meltdowns in Demand Avoidant, Highly Anxious Children:

Receive guidance on anticipating and mitigating factors that lead to meltdowns, fostering a better understanding and a stronger bond between you and your child.

Why Choose This Bundle?

Targeted Expertise: Each component of this bundle has been developed by professionals with lived experience of autism and anxiety. 

Practical and Actionable: We focus on providing real solutions that you can implement immediately. From day-to-day interactions to long-term strategies, equip yourself with the tools you need to support your child effectively.

Exclusive Savings: Enjoy a 10% discount on this bundle today and invest in the tools that will make a real difference in your family’s life.

Take Action Today: Enhance your ability to support your child with confidence and take the first step towards a more peaceful, positive family dynamic.


What People Are Saying:

These classes were recommended by a friend, and they truly exceeded my expectations. The information was comprehensive and directly applicable. Understanding the underlying factors of my daughter’s meltdowns has helped us approach each situation with more empathy and a completely new understanding. This has brought more peace to our home and helped my daughter feel more understood and supported.

Emma L, Parent.

As a teacher working with children with various neurodivergences, I found the trainings incredibly enlightening. The webinars on understanding and responding to anxiety and demand avoidance have improved my approach in the classroom. I'm now better equipped to create a supportive learning environment for all my students.

Michael J, Educator.

Navigating life with a child who experiences high levels of anxiety has always been challenging for us. After participating in Kristy's webinars, I've noticed a significant change in how we handle stress and meltdowns at home. The strategies are practical and really work. It’s been a game-changer for our family, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Sarah T, Parent.