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Should I tell my child they're neurodivergent?

In this on-demand MasterClass "Should I tell my child they're neurodivergent?", Kristy shares her experience as an autistic, ADHD, demand avoidant adult, educator and parent of autistic children. 

She speaks to how to not only approach discussions around what it means to be neurodivergent with our children, but how to move forward with positive identity and culture; and maintain that throughout life. 

Here's what you'll get:

📹 Comprehensive Video Recording 📹

Access to our full MasterClass recording, allowing you to revisit the detailed discussions and insights shared by Kristy on neurodivergent identity and culture.

📚 Downloadable Resources 📚

Receive hand-picked resources, including articles, book recommendations, and research studies, to deepen your understanding of neurodivergence and provide practical support strategies. 

💡 Q&A Highlights💡

A summary of the key questions and answers from the session, offering practical advice and tips for supporting neurodivergent individuals in various contexts. 

👩‍🏫 Lived Experience and Education 👩‍🏫

Learn from Kristy's personal and professional experiences in the field, covering topics such as positive identity, cultural understanding, and challenging societal misconceptions. 

👥 Community Support 👥

Gain insights into building and nurturing supportive communities for neurodivergent individuals, highlighting the importance of acceptance, understanding, and advocacy. 

🛠️ Actionable Tools 🛠️

Practical tools for parents, educators, and professionals to support neurodivergent children and adults, focusing on empowerment, autonomy, and creating inclusive environments. 

🏆 Certificate of Completion 🏆

A certificate acknowledging your participation and dedication to learning more about supporting neurodivergent individuals. 

Thank you for investing in your understanding and support of neurodivergence. Your commitment makes a significant difference in fostering a more inclusive and understanding society. 🌍

What People Are Saying:

This was fabulous. I learnt so much that resonates with me. Much appreciated.


This was such a warming talk … feeling very grounded.