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Autism: Safety & Wellbeing 101 Bundle


Fostering a Safe and Supportive Environment for Neurodivergent Children

Navigate the complexities of keeping our  autistic children safe with our "Autism: Safety and Wellbeing 101" bundle, specifically curated to address crucial aspects of safety and emotional wellbeing in neurodivergent children. This comprehensive bundle offers targeted guidance and insights to empower parents and caregivers in creating a nurturing environment for their children.

What This Bundle Includes:

Communicating Safety to the Demand Avoidant, Anxious Brain:
Learn techniques to effectively communicate safety, providing reassurance and stability to children who experience high anxiety and demand avoidance.

Supporting Neurodivergent Children to Stay Safe in Relationships with Others:
Gain insights into fostering safe social interactions and relationships, enhancing your child’s ability to connect with others in a secure and confident manner.

Healing (from) the Trauma We Unintentionally Project onto Our Autistic Children as Parents:
Address and mitigate the impacts of unintentional parental pressures and expectations, ensuring your parenting style supports your child’s mental health and emotional development.

Food, Eating, and Demand Avoidance in Children:
Gain new insights and understanding in order to support your loved one through dietary challenges associated with demand avoidance.

Why Choose This Bundle?

Carefully Curated Content: Each session in this bundle is developed by Kristy Forbes, an autistic adult and educator, offering practical, research-backed tools tailored to your specific needs.

Immediate Benefits: Implement the strategies learned immediately to improve daily interactions and long-term outcomes. This bundle provides not just knowledge, but also actionable steps to take today.

Holistic Approach: From emotional wellbeing to physical safety, this bundle covers a wide range of crucial topics, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle various aspects of neurodivergent care.

Empower Your Parenting Journey: Enhance your skills and confidence in supporting your neurodivergent child. Purchase the "Autism: Safety and Wellbeing 101" bundle now and make a lasting difference in your child’s life.


What People Are Saying:

Dealing with food and eating issues has always been challenging for our family. The 'Food, Eating, and Demand Avoidance in Children' masterclass gave us practical tips and a new perspective that changed our mealtime routines for the better. This has truly improved our quality of life.

Maria G, Parent.

I recommend Kristy's webinars to many of the families I work with. The strategies it teaches for supporting demand avoidant children in maintaining safe relationships are invaluable. It's a resource that provides practical, empathetic advice grounded in a deep understanding of autism.

Dr Alan K, Clinical Psychologist.

These classes were a turning point for us. The masterclass on 'Communicating Safety to the Demand Avoidant, Anxious Brain' transformed how we interact with our son. It’s incredible to see him feeling more secure and less anxious daily. Every parent of a neurodivergent child should have access to these resources.

Rebecca H, Parent.