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Practical Tools for Daily Living Bundle

Empower Yourself and Your Child with Effective Strategies for Navigating Daily Challenges

Unlock the full potential of your family's daily life with our "Practical Tools for Daily Living" bundle, specifically designed for those managing Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and related anxieties. This bundle gathers essential resources to help you and your child develop coping strategies and communication skills that foster a supportive and understanding environment.

What This Bundle Includes:

Should I Tell My Child They're Neurodivergent?
Explore the complexities and benefits of discussing neurodivergence with your child, equipping you with the knowledge to handle this important conversation sensitively and effectively.

Tools for Thriving in Everyday Life with PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance):
Gain practical tips and techniques that cater specifically to the unique needs of individuals with PDA, enhancing daily interactions and reducing stress for the whole family.

Reframing Language, Communication & Connection for Anxious, Demand Avoidant Children:
Learn how to adjust your communication methods to better connect with your child, improving your interactions and helping them feel more secure and understood.

Reframing Screen Time via an Autistic Cultural Lens:
Discover new perspectives on screen time that are tailored to the autistic experience, providing imperative discussion points that respect your child’s space while promoting healthy digital habits.

Why Choose This Bundle?

Focused Guidance: Each component of this bundle is crafted by those with lived experience with the challenges of PDA and anxiety. The tools provided are specific, tested, and tailored to improve your family’s daily life.

Immediate Application: We offer practical, real-world solutions that you can implement right away. From managing sensitive topics to enhancing day-to-day communication, these tools are designed to bring immediate improvements to your interactions.

Exclusive Savings: Take advantage of a 10% discount on this bundle today. Invest in resources that will make a real difference in how you and your child face daily challenges.

Enhance Your Family’s Daily Experience: Purchase the "Practical Tools for Daily Living" bundle now and start building a more understanding and supportive environment at home.


What People Are Saying:

Within child psychiatry, I often encounter families who feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges associated with conditions like PDA. 'Reframing Screen Time via an Autistic Cultural Lens' is particularly innovative, offering a nuanced approach that respects the individual's preferences while promoting balance. Kristy's work and trainings have the potential to be a vital tool for any professional looking to support families in a practical, meaningful way.

Dr Emily T W, Child Psychiatrist.

Discussing neurodivergence with your child is never easy. The guidance provided in 'Should I Tell My Child They're Neurodivergent?' gave me the confidence to have those tough conversations. It was handled with such care and understanding, and I noticed a positive change in my child's self-perception almost immediately.

Liz S, Parent.

The session on 'Tools for Thriving in Everyday Life with PDA' was a revelation, offering not just insights but practical strategies that have dramatically improved our family dynamics (between the adults!). I recommend this bundle to anyone married to a PDAer, or who is a PDAer in a similar situation!

Jenna M, Parent.