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In this hour-long session, we'll have an open, honest discussion about your experiences, concerns and areas of support necessary.

No outdated models or medical jargon - just a collaborative dialogue to find actionable tools.

What does a session look like?
  • Quick Intro (5 mins)
  • Your Questions and Concerns (40 mins)
  • Practical Takeaways and tools (10 mins)
  • Wrap-up and What’s Next (5 mins)
Who might benefit?
  • Healthcare providers interested in neurodivergent perspectives and affirming care

  • Educators seeking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of neurodivergence in the classroom

  • Parents and caregivers looking for personalised guidance

  • Individuals seeking to support themselves

How to join in?
  •  Hit "Book Now" if you're interested.

  • Choose a time that suits you.

  • Let's talk—no judgments, just understanding, compassion and deep listening.

Book now

Kristy has assigned limited spaces on her schedule

and invites those wishing to book to do so. You’ll be assigned a secure, private and dedicated space where you’ll share information, resources and notes with Kristy in your own client portal.

You can use your NDIS funds if you are self managed, or plan managed.

We do not offer scholarships or discounts for private consultations, though we offer a range of services and offerings ranging from nil cost to fee based.

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