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You'll find below a range of webinars for purchase at any time, along with our signature 12 week program for families raising autistic children, inTune Families. 

inTune Families is delivered completely online and is open for registration three times per year.

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inTune Families

is the first of it's kind, guiding families through 6 modules, delivered online, exploring autistic family life with a fresh perspective.

inTune Families is 100% aligned with the Neurodiversity paradigm and is 100% designed by Autism.

It takes families on a journey of rebuilding, restructuring and reconnecting with each other, in order to create a perfectly unconventional, joyous life for the extraordinary family.

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"I truly hope that we are now moving towards a different time when parents can feel empowered and have access to CRUCIAL information like you are presenting to us now Kristy. It is truly life changing and it MUST find its way to be heard!"

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"It is so great to hear this from an autistic perspective, rather than so called 'experts' with their various theories about why autistic people experience the world in the ways they do. I have been living this journey with my son for 16 years but listening to these modules has taken me right back to the beginning and I feel that I am finally REALLY learning about autism."

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"I’m really appreciating all this information. LOVE hearing all these new perspectives that are stretching my mind. This is such a valuable course. I’m grateful and excited to continue!"

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inTune with PDA

forging peaceful pathways for families raising autistic children with a profile of pathological demand avoidance

will be launching soon, in 2020.

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"One of the best anxiety workshops I've come across for autistic people. It gave me so much insight as a mother of an autistic child and I love the approach, I'm all for neurodiversity."

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"Kristy provides a wealth of information from an autistic perspective. I'm part of an online class and have learnt so much. The videos are easy to understand. Kristy also takes the time to respond to questions. I wish there had been something like this when my daughter was first diagnosed."

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"Watching and listening to Kristy on the PDA webinar, it was impossible not to be impressed by her sincerity and honesty — and her knowledge of the condition and the issues it raises."










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