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Parenting, particularly for those of us raising extraordinary, luminous neurodivergent children, is often misunderstood.

Not only is it misunderstood, but as families, we often find ourselves in isolation, experiencing pressure for our children, and ourselves, to meet expectations we're unable to.

We often lose friends, extended family, community groups we belonged to, and we find ourselves alone.

When this happens, it's hard to believe that there are thousands and thousands of other families just like ours, experiencing the same heartache, with little to no support on the hamster wheel of 'where-to-from-here?'

We know you've followed all the suggestions, been provided some helpful, and a lot of unhelpful advice. We know it's likely you've been exposed to some really hurtful misunderstandings too. Such as 'enabling' our children, being too hard to not hard enough, etc.

We've heard it all, and we've spent enough time in those spaces.

Now it's time for something different. 

While we continue to deliver our acclaimed 6-week programs that have provided invaluable guidance and support, we understand that every family's pathway is unique.

That's why we're introducing an on-demand format for our Core Programs.

You can now purchase and progress through our programs, crafted from lived experience, at a pace that aligns with your family's needs and schedule. This flexibility ensures that you have immediate access to support whenever you need it, without the constraints of a fixed schedule.

We're not just offering education; we're fostering accessible support that adapts to your timeline, respects your individual needs, and celebrates your family's unique path.

Our commitment is to create a corner of the internet where you feel seen, heard, and valued-where you can access support and connection on your terms, ensuring that no family navigates this pathway alone.



Kristy Forbes is an Australian based autism & neurodiversity support specialist

with experience working with clients both nationally and internationally.

This includes neurodivergent people and their families; and professionals who wish to support them, such as educators, psychologists, paediatricians, allied health professionals, support workers and integration aides.

Her work is informed by her extensive professional experience as an educator (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary teaching), integration aide and childhood behavioural and family support specialist.

Kristy has degrees in Political & Social Sciences, Education with a disengagement specialisation, Literature, Film and Art.


Her most valuable insights, however, come from lived experience.

Kristy is formally identified (diagnosed) autistic, ADHD and has a PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) expression of Autism; as well as being a parent to four neurodivergent children, all with varying neurodivergent experience and expression including being non speaking, experiencing apraxia, dyspraxia, tourettes and PDA.

She has the unique experience and insight of many perspectives: the teacher, the support specialist, the parent, the partner and of course, being the neurodivergent individual.

Kristy understands the very real challenges neurodivergent people and their families face, and the often misunderstood and undermined position they are in.

Her own personal journey as an autistic person, and the story of her family is often documented throughout her work in her writing, her speaking, her many programs and webinars and in private consultation with others throughout the deeply personal process of empathy and compassion.


Kristy left school at the age of fifteen, after a series of behavioural and conduct programs, and being placed in isolation away from peers. She has experienced addiction, family violence, homelessness and became a parent at just 18.

Kristy's work and approach to parenting and connecting is through the lifelong lens of truly seeing and valuing the individual, and the way they experience & respond to the world. 

Her most impactful work is in the PDA space, having experienced incredible adversity as a result of her own experience of compromised mental and physical health as a youth, being in and out of the juvenile court system, and experiencing other outcomes of chronic and systemic misunderstanding of how and who she was.

She has a special interest in PDA related trauma and burnout and works with individuals and families in private consultation, programs, speaking and writing. 



Choose the right program for you


With continuous access, you have the flexibility to engage with our content on your schedule and move to another program at your own pace, whenever you're ready for the next step in your journey. This approach is designed to empower you with the choice and control to tailor your learning and support experience to match your family's unique path.


Begin whenever you're ready to


Gone are the days of navigating waitlists, adhering to registration periods, or rushing to meet deadlines. With our updated approach, you have the freedom to enrol in our programs at your convenience and progress in a manner that aligns with your lifestyle. This flexibility ensures that you can embark on your  learning and growth at a time that feels right for you, providing a personalised experience that respects your individual pace and commitments.


Unlock a Wealth of Resources & Support


With lifetime access to the program content, templates, 3 x MasterClasses and 3 x live Q&As, eBooklets, guest discussions and deep dives into topics that require further understanding..

We've got you covered.

Forging peaceful pathways for families raising Autistic children with a PDA profile



We highly recommend beginning with inTune with PDA, even if you feel you have a solid understanding. Our program offers information & experience that mainstream programs and information do not. This is due to the program being developed by an adult PDA Autistic.

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For building capacity via the lens of relational safety following burnout, shutdown, and/or trauma


Critical Care & Recovery takes participants through a deeper understanding of the process of burnout, extreme distress and recovery for PDAers. A foundational knowledge is paramount in order for the program to be effective in it's implementation of tools for the family.

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We've been offering our programs since 2018, to thousands of families and individuals, along with allied health practitioners, educators and other professionals. We believe in our programs, and we're proud of the feedback our program participants offer in return.