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"You have such a wonderful, powerful way of communicating and what you say chimes so hard with what I try to practice yet also, every time, stretches me a little beyond where I currently am. 
I work in autism identification and we are committed to doing things differently.
Listening to you and learning from you inspires me to try to enact change in whatever small ways I can.
Those small things are so huge: not using the word ‘diagnosis’ in our reports, emphasising the importance of safety, recommending resources authored by autistic people that come from an affirming or celebratory perspective, as well as reframing the othering and stigmatising view of autism that parents often get from our schools and society as a whole. 
Please know what a difference you are making. I celebrate you and how you have helped me to be able to help others. Ripples!"
- Professional, Past training participant 


Kristy offers professional development focused on enhancing the understanding and support for neurodivergent individuals, particularly in educational, social work, and allied health practice and settings.

Her training typically includes:

  1. Exploring Neurodivergence: Informing professionals on lived experience insights, Kristy encourages professionals and families to set aside what we *think* we know in order to be open to a new experience.

  2. Practical Strategies: Offering hands-on techniques and tools for professionals to establish relational safety & connection to effectively support neurodivergent individuals.

  3. Inclusive Practices: Guiding professionals to create more inclusive & accessible environments that cater to the needs and strengths of not only neurodivergent individuals, but all individuals.

  4. Lived Experience Perspective: Providing a unique viewpoint based on her own lived experiences as a neurodivergent person, former school avoider, parent of neurodivergent children and educator (P-12) offering a deeper understanding.

  5. Customized Training: Tailoring sessions to meet the specific needs of different professionals, ensuring relevance and applicability.

  6. Empowerment, Advocacy & Allyship: Teaching professionals how to empower neurodivergent individuals and advocate for their needs in various settings.

These sessions are designed to be interactive, informative, and transformative, helping professionals to not only understand neurodivergence better but also to apply this understanding in their daily work.



1. Educators and education support teams: To better understand and support neurodivergent students in their classrooms, fostering an inclusive and effective learning environment.

2. Social Workers: To gain insights into the inner and outer world experiences of neurodivergent individuals and their profound intergenerational histories, enabling them to provide more tailored and effective support.

3. Psychologists and Therapists: For a deeper, humanised, holistic exploration and understanding of neurodivergence which can enhance their therapeutic approaches and client connections.

4. Allied Health Professionals: Such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and physical therapists, who often work with neurodivergent individuals and can benefit from specialised knowledge on neurodivergent neurobiology and co-occurring conditions.

5. Human Resources Professionals: To create more inclusive workplace policies & procedures and environments that allow all team members to thrive.

6. Parents and Caregivers of Neurodivergent Children: Offering them tools and insights to better support and connect with their children; whilst incorporating essential individual care practices for themselves.

7. Autism and Neurodiversity Advocates and Organisations: To offer insights into Pathological Demand Avoidance, Kristy's area of passion, experience and expertise.

Kristy’s training can provide these professionals with essential tools, strategies, and understanding, enhancing their capacity to support neurodivergent individuals from a human perspective, setting aside a generic framework of support based on a medical model.

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