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Let us be kind

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

Dearest NeuroDivergent kin,

My kin who hoard

My kin who are tactile defensive

Touch aversive

My kin who self isolate

My kin who home educate

Never has there been a time

Where we know

More than ever

That our ways

Our autistic culture

Will serve us

And others

We are organically

Built for this

Let us stick together

Be kind to one another

Outstretch our hearts

As we already do

To our kin who are anxious


And unsure

For a short time

The tide is turning

Where our non autistic peers

Will feel the anxiety

Associated with less touch

Less real time connection

Having to isolate

To work from home

To home educate

All the very things we have begged for

In order to be accommodated

As people with diverse needs

Let us be kind




We are built for this.



Kristy Forbes

inTune Pathways



Image: kinsmangarden


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