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Stand proud in our identity and culture

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

It is a wild offence

To stand upon the same ground

As our autistic ancestors

Who went unidentified

Dismissed, misunderstood

Invalidated and gaslit

And to not stand proud

In our identity and culture

With positive autistic identity

It is an outrageous insult

To be provided a time and place

Of opportunity

To speak

To create change

To support coming generations

To have the honour and privilege

To parent those who are awakened

Who see

Who sense

Truth and reality

Whose being is expansive

Curious and wondrous

Who possess potential for social justice and change

Who bring with them

Organic altruism

And to remain compliant

With the notion




To prevent




And evolution

This is what we are doing to our autistic people

This is the legacy we are leaving for our autistic children

I will not comply

I will not change

I will not change my children

I will not dishonour the pain

Of neglect and abuse

Our past autistic generations


I will not


Their legacy




Kristy Forbes

inTune Pathways


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