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There is no “Imperfection” in Human Being and Doing

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020

There is no “imperfection” in human being and doing.

We are all just as we are in the name of diversity; we all serve to teach and learn from one another.

In biodiversity, the forest thrives when all of it’s inhabitants coexist in harmony, as nature would have it.

The human notion of harmony is always a projection of “should” based on unresolved inner experiences.

True harmony is acceptance of coexistence, free of the emotional attachment that results from that which is unseen, unheard and unknown within us.

It is a taking of responsibility for ourselves, and allowing others to do the same.

It is realising, identifying and knowing our individual power.

Naturally occurring variations in flora and fauna are important biodynamic contributions to a beautiful symphony called nature.

The Sassafras don’t gather together wasting away their beautiful lives forming strategies to transform the White oak to be like them.

They intuitively understand and accept their own role and are content to exist alongside one another; neither owning a greater or lesser sense of purpose or importance.

The boa constrictor never looks at the tiger monkey, believing it to be a damaged or second rate version of itself.

There is life and death; community and populations.

There is evolution and change without resistance.

As it is, in neurodiversity.

You are just as you should be.

Humans are divided by duality; binary systems of darkness and light, good or bad, right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, attractive or unattractive.

And it’s a lie.

None of it truly exists.

When we return to our centre, our true nature, as individuals we are not like anyone else.

We are not supposed to be.

And yet, we are all connected to one another in our luminous individual and unique perfection to contribute to the ever evolving tapestry that is life.

In this moment, and all moments to come and those that have passed; you are, will continue to be, and have been all along, perfect.
KF x

(Image description: a photo of a person's feet shot from an aerial perspective. They are wearing white sneakers and standing on a bed of damp pine needles)


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