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This is not about our children

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

Do you know how often families come to sit in consultation with me, with the intention of understanding their childrens' behaviour?

The number one focus is usually on our children, on how we can help them.

Guess what?

The consultations seldom end that way.

This isn't about our children.

This is about us.

Our childrens' behaviour isn't really what it's about.

It's about our response to it.

It's about our children highlighting the unhealed in us.

Often on my posts about the evolution of my connection with each of my children,

People will comment how hopeful it helps them to feel about their childrens' futures.

They have hope for their children to experience change.

This is when I know the message has been missed.

It's about us having hope for OURSELVES.

Hope that we'll experience CHANGE.

Because the only way our children can experience change is through our own transformation and journey back home to ourselves.

Our true selves.

We are the people who cultivate the calm, the peace, the happiness, the flow.

We are the people our children will feel safe connections with in order to then explore who they are and to then bloom into the beautiful flowers they are.

This is not about our children.

This is about us.

See this image of myself and my eldest daughter?

THIS is who she wants to be around.

THIS is who she shares herself with.

THIS unhinged, unreserved, open hearted Mother is who she needed all along.

Let go.


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