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We Know our Kin

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

"I wonder when *insert public figure or professional who works in the autism field* will work out that they're autistic" is a sentence often typed and spoken inside of the autistic community.

We know our kin.

We often know before you do.

Autistic people, neurodivergent people have an energy about them; an essence.

This is the importance between understanding autism as an identity and culture outside of being a medical disorder.

When we base our acceptance of a person being autistic around the diagnostic criteria only, we lack a holistic approach to understanding autism as the foundation of which many incredible qualities are attributed to.

A drive for social justice, equity, equality, human rights.

Innovation, evolution and revolution.

Solution based responses to global and social issues.

Kindness, respect and often what my husband describes in me as BRUTAL honesty.

We know our people.

We see our people.

For us, it's simple. A type of person who shares a particular way of 'being' in the world.
Image Credit: Ece AK

(Image description: A photo of two young people outside in a park. One has their back to the camera and the other faces the camera, eyes closed with an expression of joy. The person with the back to the camera is holding of the other person off the ground. The person facing the camera has their legs wrapped around the other person's body.)


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