Why not try joining your Children in some Mischief?

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

When our children make promises and don't keep them, it's because they can't.

Often they'll really mean it when they say it, they'll really try, they'll really want to keep that promise.

But they can't.

Rather than punishing them or becoming angry, it's interesting to see what comes of giggling with them and joining them in some mischief.

When we show our lighter side and join our children in exploration of boundaries, we teach them how to take risks safely and with consideration of others.

Being human, being real and letting go with our children solidifies connection and their ability to be honest with not only us, but with themselves.

My girls will often come out with "I promise, Mum" before realising themselves, laughing and saying "Ugh, no I don't, I really want to do this" and we both laugh.

The only thing we teach our children by being rigid, rules oriented and fixed, and consistently in control is that they aren't safe to be vulnerable with us.

Boundaries are important, but so is allowing ourselves the freedom to rethink, to challenge ourselves as leaders and collaborators and to change our mind.
Image Credit: Tatiana Syrikova


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