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Being Autistic PDA and in Business - I'm just gonna be ME

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

Ahhh being autistic PDA and in business, hey.

It's bloody hard work.

I'm not talking about the challenges that come with being autistic, ADHD and PDA and running a business either.

I'm talking about the weird concept of me being my brand.

My PDA expression involves a serious intrinsic, inherent, organic choiceless drive for everything to be fair, just and equal.

I really reject from my core the words Leader, Boss, Manager, etc.


Facilitation, collaboration, collective, cooperative.


I LOVE to give.

And part of the issue around work and business was having to work really really hard on accepting payment for my offerings.

Recently, I offered to do something for a client that brought me joy and made me feel really really good.

It was important to me to help in this particular way.

When my client asked me to invoice her, I said in very few words:

"No invoice. It will turn this into a demand and I won't be able to do it".

Money often has me feeling trapped, pressured, restricted and owned.

There was a point where I was offering my services as part of a bartering system.

I've had to work really, really, really, really hard on my money narrative. To come to understand it as an energetic exchange for something I pour my trauma, love, joy and crisis into, in order to offer some form of healing and solidarity to a community that I am a part of.

Up until last year, I was on a full time carer's pension.

Flat broke. Struggling.

I get the odd comment on some of my ads for my offerings around "why would you charge for this?", "why as a parent don't you realise that everything costs and it's unfair?"..

I've been poor my whole life.

Raised by a single parent, ignored by a poor excuse for a father who didn't offer child support (any support for that matter)..

I've been homeless and in emergency housing.

But you know what?

I don't need to be here telling everyone this, but a small part of me often feels like I do!

I would never expect my autistic children to grow up, build a business for themselves and give away their offerings for free.


And neither would you. I know it.

My programs, consultations, members site, upcoming courses are built with so much of all that I am and all that I have.


inTune Pathways is going to start phasing out this week as my small business transitions to a company.

And I'm just gonna be me.

It feels weird, but I'm just gonna be me.

Kristy Forbes.

I don't want FAME. I just want to be heard. I want autistic voices to be heard, all of them.

Part of transitioning to a company is the roll out of a really exciting project in November, a collaboration with autistic and ND people from various backgrounds.

Autistic people should ALWAYS be paid for their work.


And encouraged, given time and space to learn and grow and to be supported in doing so.

I built inTune Pathways because I was scared and I needed something to hide behind.

When I started out three years ago, I didn't even tell the world I am autistic.

So. Here I am..

Just me.

Kristy Forbes.

GRATEFUL, SO GRATEFUL for this community, for my clients, for your support, for your love.

For all of it.

I take absolutely none of the trust I am given for granted.

It is a serious honour.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support.
(Image description: A woman sits in her office at her work desk. Her hands are folded on the desk in front of her and she is pulling a silly expressions with lips pouted.)


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