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I love you all

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

Scrolling, reading, listening

Looking for loving energy

Kindness, gentleness, empathy and compassion

I am more present now, than ever

More aware of what energy I cultivate and put out into the universe right now

I’m looking for you, who like me is nervous but hopeful

I once spoke about the first language of autistic people being energy

The presence a person brings

This is so important right now

For our children; for us

I don’t want to see the ugliness

The judgement of each other

The judgement of ourselves

Parents taking on new roles, children at home

Routines changed; moods changed

I don’t want to hear the self loathing

The turning on ourselves


Please, be kind to each other and ourselves

If people are charging for their services now,

They’re doing it out of survival.

Is it really related to the bigger issue taking over our lives right now?

Isn’t it what they’d do anyway?

Are they really taking advantage?

Or are they surviving after loss due to that same bigger issue?

Are you really a horrible parent for losing your temper with your child?

Or just a human being attempting to adapt and adjust?

I don’t want to see the ugliness

Where are our best selves?

We don’t have to feel happy or positive

But we can own our current struggle

Our fear, panic, anger, sadness, intolerance of uncertainty, trauma,

And sit with it.

Greet it, say Gday and have a cup of tea with it.

This is all a process

Not a time for hatred, judgement and ugliness

Let me start by saying I love you all

And I hope you can love yourselves through this time, and each other.


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