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The Unexpected Pressures of Lockdown 2.0

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020
As an autistic person with a PDA profile, I totally underestimated the impact the demand pressure of phone calls from schools reminding us of "submission day" would have. It isn't my children who are struggling to manage the huge task that is remote learning, it is me. And my response is 100% completely rational.
As a Melbourne metro family, we are in lockdown Stage 4. Our children are immunocompromised. They can't leave the house. They miss school. They miss their friends and they miss our regular outings - barefoot walks in nature, visits to the sensory gym, connections with our OT and more.
There are members of our family who require around the clock care and have significant support requirements. We've lost access to our supports and with both adults working full time, I've had to make changes to my business in order to manage.
I've had to cancel and reschedule clients, only work at certain hours, not take on more work and close my books for the time being.
There is only ever one of us home with the children and yes, "children" means more than one remote learning plan. Oh and plan is a word I shouldn't have used, because there really isn't one.
We are a neurodivergent family. Autism, ADHD, PDA and then there are co-occurring conditions. We've made sacrifices because we CARE about our social responsibility to do whatever we need to do to get through COVID-19 together.
At the beginning of lockdown, I made jokes. I thought this would be easier. We are safe, we are happy, we are well. We are alive. The walls are closing in, though. If you're struggling, I'm reaching my hand and heart out to you and sending so much love.
I move in and out of disconnection and a wavering sense of security and safety. I'm using all the tools I have and then some. It's okay to reach out to school and let them know what is and isn't manageable. It's okay to say No to things we'd normally take on. It's okay if others don't approve of our boundaries right now. And, it is all going to be okay.
Most importantly, thank you for holding space for me by reading this post and being a community of support for me.
Image Credit: Tatiana Syrikova

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