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This is not 'that' time

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2020

If, like me, your current lifestyle resembles a time where you weren’t doing so well,

It’s important to acknowledge that this is NOT that time.

There were a number of years of my life where I was unable to leave our family home

For a number of reasons, all associated with unsupported autistic life.

Anxiety, depression, learning to navigate new ways of being.

This current time is much like that, in the necessity for navigating a new way of being right now, and until further notice.

However, where there has been struggle, suffering and specifically, trauma,

The human brain does not know the difference between a memory and reality.

If, like me, you’re now in a similar environment as you were during earlier struggles,

It's crucial to address this with the brain.

The autistic brain seeks patterns to make sense of anything.

My autistic brain is attempting to have me believe that we, as a family, are back where we once were, in a time of darkness, uncertainty, fear and living out a doom and gloom narrative.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s a good sign of a healthy, functioning autistic brain.

It is SO important, however to communicate with our brain that we are not back at that point in time and it does not need to recreate and dredge up old patterns - of thinking, feeling, being and doing.

We do this by recreating.

We add in small changes to our routine.

Simple additions, such as dance and movement to cultivate an energetic presence of joy in our entire being,

Using ‘essential’ exercise time wisely, walking in nature,

The trick is, to implement a small change that wasn’t present within our lives before.

We’re wanting to create NEW PATTERNS.

Projects are important to me, building, designing, creating,

Baking, singing, purging old clothing or goods I no longer need.

Engaging support via the phone or telehealth sessions,

Staying connected with friends and family electronically,

Taking advantage of technology and the many helpers and healers showing up in the world right now,

Whether that be via an accessible exercise routine on their page,

Charity, humour, kindness.

It’s important to avoid vilification of each other.

Some of us will use the time to learn another language, learn new skills, knit a sweater,

And that is excellent.

Those people are doing exactly what they NEED to do.

Some of us will use the time to stay in our pjs and binge watch television series

And that is excellent.

Those people are doing exactly what they NEED to do.

I want to encourage people to really tune in

To ourselves.

To let go of the detrimental pressures of a society that seeks conformity and control

Many of us will find peace once these pressures are removed.

Many of us will long for, grieve over our loss of routine and our sense of normality

It is a time to be kind.

It is a time to accept, to love and understand.

Mostly, to accept, love and understand ourselves.

A time to check in with people,

So many of us are afraid to be left alone with our thoughts,

Without distractions.

Serving others, reaching out, making small changes,

Creating NEW patterns for our brains to adjust to and understand.
Kristy Forbes
inTune Pathways


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