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Today, I lean into the Joy of what my Life has Become

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

I'm always so moved by how beautifully supportive this community is.

Today is a new day.

The sun is up, the air is fresh and with that, comes new thinking and doing.

I am so privileged to be trusted so much by my community that I have the honour of holding space for those families who want to connect in a space with me that is innovative, progressive and all about creating new pathways.

Pathways that call for us to sit with, and acknowledge where we have been.

To make those really important connections between where we were, and where we are now, and where we are going.

There are those of us who say we are where we are now because we were supported.

And there are those of us who say we are where we are now because we were not, and we want to do differently for our own children, for our families, but most of all, for ourselves.

To be placed at a time where neurodivergence is making itself known and heard is something I can't put words to.

There is trauma in hearing the stories of my neurokin, and there is relief in knowing that my children will be better understood and our descendants will know.

They will know and understand neurodivergence.

The knowing is what will potentially prevent the self medicating, the trauma and pain and empower so many of our coming neurokin to stand up and create change.

I want to mention this..

I am actually a very privileged autistic person.

I get to tell my stories in a public sphere.

I get to explore unapologetically who I am and show up as that person, without being persecuted for it or being exposed to racism or any of the many forms of oppression and prejudice so many of my neurokin face.

Sure, there are angry comments, emails, and the odd troll.

But that's nothing compared to what others face.

I get to take my story, tell it, and turn it into an offering for those who want to join me.

I am supported by my community of autistic kin and their families and many individuals.

Today, I lean into the joy of what my life has become.
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