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You have permission to protect your energy.

It's okay to let others squirm a little; to provide them an opportunity to take responsibility for their discomfort.
It's okay for us to speak up, to correct pronouns, to share our language preferences and to ask for what we need.
I spent so many years of my life never standing up for myself because, in the depths of my empathy, I couldn't bear the thought of another being uncomfortable.
Even when they had been rude to me; or downright nasty.
It's okay to remove ourselves; to give others a choice about how they treat us.
That internalised anger, sadness, smallness that causes us to turn on ourselves, does not belong with us.
We are taking responsibility for others.
If I speak up and I am still disrespected (which many times was a huge fear for me), then I'm provided more information to sit with.
I don't have to make decisions.
I don't have to be pressured.
There is no right or wrong.
But I, we, YOU deserve love.
You deserve love because you exist.
The people that dismiss and invalidate my neurodivergence aren't my people.
Don't despair when you are faced with those who do not understand.
When we take stock of our environment-the people, places and things we surround ourselves with, we might find some clues in there as to how we can create a more supportive and loving life for ourselves and our children.
You are worthy. SO worthy.
Don't allow someone else's misunderstanding or ignorance destroy your relationship with yourself.
They do not matter.
You do.
My energy is precious and reserved for those who matter and treat me as though I do too.
- KF

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