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She is so much more. autism behaviours parenting schooling Aug 05, 2021
I often touch on how important it is to move beyond the generic support framework for our autistic children in the classroom. This includes a timer, dot points on the board and visuals.
Whilst these are really great supports for many of our children, I often see them used without...
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We bring our children home. autism neurodivergent parenting schooling Jul 22, 2021
We bring our children home
From failed systems
That have been enabled not to care
Not to care for our children
For us; when we were the children
We educate our children
And while trying to create a safe space
For their trauma to unravel
Our trauma too, unravels
Our children are...
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School Trauma: Tuning into the language of behaviour. behaviours communication neurodivergent schooling Jul 08, 2021
For many of us, when we withdraw our children from school after prolonged challenges within that system, we expect that our children will begin to do better at home.
This isn't always so.
Our children do the best they can, in survival mode.
Survival mode...
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