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My Dreaming Life

Aug 13, 2021
*Trigger warning: Trauma nightmares, self-harm, police, psychiatric ward*
My dreaming life.
As I age, it becomes more intense; a beckoning for me to process what...
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Awareness month? Nah, not over here.

Mar 31, 2021
This morning I'm reminded of an appointment with an obstetrician in the public system seven years ago.
I was heavily pregnant with my last baby.
He was going over my subsequent...
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Repeat after me... "I am not my child."

Mar 24, 2021
People need the space and freedom to feel; to explore and understand the incredibly complex depth and range of their emotional life.
This begins in childhood.
As children,...
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The diversity of resilience.

Dec 04, 2020

Ahhh, resilience.

The word "resilience" and "resilient" sit uncomfortably for me.

I've seen it used for belittling, dismissing, gaslighting, invalidating and bullying more than I've seen it used for...

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