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I am not my trauma

Sep 23, 2021
Yesterday, my youngest child came inside the house to tell me a bird had fallen from it’s nest.
As I neared the back fence, where all the neighbourhood birds gather in all of their...
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Failed relationships & neurodivergence

Sep 10, 2021

Ahh, the wonderful weekend. I hope you're having a brilliant one so far.

This week, for something different, the team and I decided we'd share a conversation with community from my Facebook page...

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My Dreaming Life

Aug 13, 2021
*Trigger warning: Trauma nightmares, self-harm, police, psychiatric ward*
My dreaming life.
As I age, it becomes more intense; a beckoning for me to process what...
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I remember every single name, every single humiliation.

Aug 13, 2021

At fifteen years old, I left school midway through Year Nine and went into the workforce.


I vehemently expressed that I would not return to school and with that, my mother said if I was not...

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