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I will not wait until I’m in my last days. autism autistic autonomy health identity joy mental health radical acceptance Oct 03, 2023

So many people unconsciously spend (waste) their lives working toward what they hope will be peace, one day.

Work hard, then rest.

Main meal first, then dessert.

Wees first, then poos. (I made that one up because order hurts my PDA autistic ADHD brain).

We’ve been taught to abandon our...

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This is Me. autism boundaries communication identity legacy neurodivergent Aug 13, 2021
I no longer paint my nails.
I don't adorn myself with jewellery.
I take my time responding to messages and I seldom answer my phone. I have a message bank.
I say no to social invitations when I mean no.
I cut all of my long, dark hair off after years of...
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I remember every single name, every single humiliation. adhd autism identity parenting pda trauma Aug 13, 2021

At fifteen years old, I left school midway through Year Nine and went into the workforce.


I vehemently expressed that I would not return to school and with that, my mother said if I was not returning, I needed to get a job.


I worked in the local bakery, something I was so proud of....

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