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We are Responsible for our Reactions, not our Children

Jul 30, 2020
Our children are never, ever responsible for our reactions, our emotions and our behaviour in response to their challenges.
We are responsible.
This does not mean we are to...
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The Profound Impact of Language

Jul 22, 2020
Language has a profound impact on how we view and understand concepts around human behaviour.
An important example consistently in my periphery is the good ole' 'behaviour' song.
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Why is parent advocacy so important?

Jul 15, 2020
Why is parent advocacy so important?
A little girl that I love very much, a little girl raised inside a family I know who celebrates autism and advocates hard for change, asked me...
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You Have the Right to Follow your Exploration of Neurodivergent Identity

Jul 08, 2020
You have the right to follow your exploration of neurodivergent identity, even if and when others don’t agree or understand. The approval, understanding and comfort of your friends and...
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Overcoming my need for control when parenting with PDA

Jul 01, 2020

I’m often asked how, as a PDAer, I am able to overcome my need for control in parenting my own children with a PDA profile of autism.

I don’t overcome it.

I’ll never...

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I am a Privileged Autistic Person

Jun 23, 2020

I want to preface by saying I am afraid of making mistakes, afraid of my ignorance, but also well aware of my privilege in being able to say so. This writing is a reflection of my desperation to be...

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Why do many autistic children lay on the ground or sleep on the floor?

Jun 13, 2020

(Disclaimer: I have made the choice to allow my advocacy to naturally transition into tapping into my true neurodivergent experience which extends beyond the limited language of verbal...

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The Practice of Letting Things Go

Jun 10, 2020

You know what drove me to a raging meltdown as a kid, more than anything else?

My perfectionist brain.

If my socks didn't sit right, even when they weren't uncomfortable.

If the picture on the wall...

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I Am Different

Jun 03, 2020

I am different.
I feel it from a multidimensional perspective.
It is more than a neurotype, it is a way of 'being' in this world.
Yet, the words 'being' and 'world' are not enough.
There is no...

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Bless her PDA Heart

May 26, 2020

Driving in the car last night, my eldest daughter told me that she "actually legitimately, really loves me now. Like, this is probably the most she's ever loved me".

Bless her PDA heart.

And I get...

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